The NOLA Fest Party

A traveling New Orleans street parade and celebration.

Dance, drink and party with a the All for One Brass Band, The Original Big 7 Social Aid and Pleasure Club, the People United for Armstrong Park, costumers, artists and an entourage direct from New Orleans.

The NOLA Fest Party is like being in the heart of one our famous New Orleans street parades. 

We costume and parade to celebrate everything from work holidays, to funerals, birthdays, a good breakfast... 

It's like no concert you've ever been to - watch and listen to the All for One Brass Band as they weave their way to you, dance with the Original Big 7, party with everyone around you and be a part of the parade.

So much practice has turned us into some of the best revelers in the world... 

...come get schooled in the fine spirit of celebration New Orleans style.

copyright - New Breed Brass Band

London Parade for Make Music Day UK

June 21, 2018

London Bridge Area

The NOLA Fest Party

22 June - details TBA