Join a Krewe, be a Part of the Parade, Party with the Cultural Entourage...

Want to be in the parade, but haven't broken out those old stilts for a long time or don't play an instrument? Join or start a krewe in London!

Krewes are social groups formed by anyone.

Are you and your friends responsible drunks? Have something in common, like the fact that no one else understands your love for D&D? Never miss a football match? Want to inject some life into your office?

If you want to start or join a krewe, contact us and we'll connect you to krewe members from New Orleans who will guide you through all things krewe life. Parade and party with everyone at NOLA Fest London, and come to New Orleans to parade in Mardi Gras 2019...

Krewe of the Merry Antoinettes

Krewe of the Merry Antoinettes